Visual Studio python/C++ debug

I need help setting up mixed C++/python debugger for Visual Studio. I can debug C++ as usual but cannot with python. I saw in one of the older posts from 2020 that mixed debug can be done in VS but don’t know how. I think documentation regarding this is lacking or I’m missing something. Although, I have tried using debugpy by attaching it to one of the addons but I couldn’t get it to work. Is there a way to debug C++/python seamlessly with combined stack calls? if so any references or sources to get it to work would be awesome.

The mixed mode debugger in VS does not support our python version, the documentation we had about it has been removed since it has not worked in years

So, I should abandon trying to get it to work in VS and do something more useful you say?

Im guessing devs who work with python have other ways or use other IDE’s.

Loved the mixed mode debugger when it worked, but ever since it broke, i’ve just been generously sprinkling print statements, not ideal, but it gets the job done.

oh cool that’s one way to go about it, good ol’print. One more thing if I have a technical question about the codebase what would be the best way to get it answered other than reading docs or commits? any appropriate forum?