Visual Studio "parsing files in solution"


I’m not sure this is the right place to ask, but I couldn’t find much information online, so I was wondering if anyone had experienced the same issue with the Blender source code and Visual Studio.

My issue is that the IDE constantly shows “parsing files in solution” in the bottom banner, and intellisense doesn’t work. I’ve left it for hours multiple times a day and its still doing it. I assume this is because its still parsing the files?

Has anyone had this issue?


it generally takes 10-15 minutes for me, however the parser is known to get stuck at times

Mine does seem to get stuck visually (the banner doesn’t update), and I can’t shutdown the IDE. I have to forcefully shut it down using the task manager.

When I do that, the banner is updated though, so it seems like it does work in the background.

Did intellisense work fine “out of the box” the first time you got the code or did you tweak some settings first?

Just thought I’d update this thread. I realised today I was using the VS 2015. I updated to the latest, and now it parses very quickly and Intellisense works!

it’s still intellisense which randomly breaks on a whim since it’s inception like 2 decades ago, but al-least it’s not locking up my ide. sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t… with more recent versions of msvc is has been working more often than it used to though.