VertexWeightProximity doesn't support Custom Curve falloff type

Hi devs, is there a reason why VertexWeightProximity modifier doesn’t support Custom Curve falloff type?
Its ‘sibling’ VertexWeightEdit modifier does support it.

I was confused by this too when I was working on the updated modifier layouts. There’s this comment in the list of options for the proximity modifier: /* No curve mapping here! */

Maybe @mont29 would know, I think this comment originated in one of his commits.

I honestly have no idea… Might have been something in the line of “Edit modifier can already do it, let’s not clutter UI of Proximity one with it too” or something like that, but I just do not remember…

Thanks @mont29, couldn’t /* No curve mapping here! */ note just mean that curve mapping is missing and should be added here?
I just wanted to be sure there is no known reason why VertexWeightProximity modifier couldn’t support Custom Curve falloff type. I’ll report it as a bug, if you don’t mind.

I thought this would be a great entry point for learning more about blender coding so here it is: