Vertex Painting is painfully slow and pretty much not usable with dense meshes (several 100k polys to millions of polys)

Hi guys and girls,
Vertex Painting is super slow and laggy even with a smaller amount of polygons (lets say ~100k) - vertex painting a more denser mesh is basically not possible (a brushstroke takes up to 2 seconds or more to apply)

My hardware

rx580 8gb
16gb ram ddr3

Is it just me or vertex painting just suuuper slow for everyone (on higher poly meshes)?

edit: I tried ZBrush polypainting (which is the same as blenders vertex painting i guess) and it works like a charm - even with a 5million poly mesh the brushstrokes apply right away. just a pleasure to use.

I wish blender would have such an awesome performance.

No, but the good news is that a better vertex painting solution and with far better performance is coming…
:point_right: ⚙ D5975 Sculpt Vertex Colors

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Oh thanks god - i’m looking forward. Thank you TheRedWaxPolice for sharing the information with me. Have a wonderful day. =)

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Yeah, the new sculpt vertex colors looks amazing. Don’t know why it’s taking too long to be merged. :frowning:

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It won’t be in 2.83 right? Is it in the new 2.90 alpha at least?

Definitely not in 2.83. Also I’m not sure if it will be in 2.90. There are no words/roadmap about it.
If you look at that page, the thing is still tagged 2.82. :upside_down_face:

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Even Sculpt Vcols is super slow when trying to paint 1M mesh when in Material shading (to see the vcols).