Vertex groups and UV maps not written in modifier-applied final model

Hi, I encountered a bug in blender 3.3/3.4 with geometry node… Or a missing feature more likely. When I combine multiple objects together as one with a joined geometry and that I apply geometry node so I get a final model, all the UV groups and all the UV maps are somehow ghostly present… When I move to the UV tab, there is no vertex groups created nor any UV map generated after applying the modifier. That’s a Halloween spooky investigation case!
What I would expect is that all vertex groups with the same name, in that case, top, bottom, front, back, left and right as I work on a cubic base to make more subdivided models later with multires, and 1 UV unwrap map composed of all pre-unwrapped parts from the individual parts modulated together in the geometry node instance. I pre-unwrapped everything nice, and geometry node combines UV maps amazingly along several instanced models joined with join geometry, and vertices merged by distance for total accuracy. It would be perfect if only the UV map and the vertex groups were created in the final, applied, model. Right now, while the unwrap sticks well, as soon as I try to add a UV map where it’s missing, the UV preserved in the model’s memory is erased and I have to start over which goes against the basemesh workflow I’m trying to put together…
Summary: Geo node’s ability to join in multiple models together and combining their vertex groups and UV maps is amazing… It just lacks the ability to create instances of existing data on the modifiers-applied final model but the data exists and is present, but gets deleted as soon as trying to re-add missing entries.

Furthermore, a goal I’m trying to achieve is to directionally translate mirrored part’s UV islands halfway through the UV space and flip it on the X axis so when I apply the modifier. UV is packed in a way that the created reflection of the left half of the basemesh is pre-unwrapped as soon as it’s applied, no extra operations, and no manual operations… But I’m not sure how to do that… But I’ll figure out that part, while the most important part is the missing UV/Vertex group entries