Vertex Groups and Shape Keys

So, I’ve been using these featurres intensively lately and there are a few things that I would very much like to see implemented, such as a ‘clear empty groups’ for vertex groups (or clear below certain ammount), consider the situation where I want to put automatic weights on a hair, I won’t need the weights from the toe. And the second thing is a ‘copy shape keys’ , because, currently u have to ‘new shape keys from mix’ which grab all active shape keys, but I just want to copy ONE existent and mirror it out. I’m not sure if here is the place to post it, but there you go, those are my suggestions which a deem reaaallly necessary!

This probably isn’t the right place for feature requests. You might take a look at .

I would be happy to see a way to clean up vertex groups, but it should be pretty easily scriptable at least.

If you want to copy just one shapekey, and you have settings for a lot of shapekeys that you don’t want to lose, pin that shapekey, then make a new shape from mix (then, probably, unpin it.)