UVLoop flags dont' get updated while sync view enabled?

Just curious if it’s an oversight or intentional design (and if so, the reasoning for it). One would think that with a name like “UV Sync Selection” the selections would by synchronized between UV and Mesh, so when you select a vert, all of the relevant uvloops would have their select flag set, but this does not appear to be the case? It’s true that when you make a selection in the UV Editor, the correct vert gets selected in the 3D view (and vice versa), but the actual UVLoop select flag is not updated to match, which prevents scripts that rely on this flag to not work (or have undesired results, since any flags that were set prior to enabling sync view are retained).

should I log this as a bug?

It’s not a bug. The sync feature works by using vertex/edge/face selection flags from the 3D viewport instead of the UV loop selection, there is no syncing of the flags.

To make this work for custom UV operators you’d have to write a function which checks the correct flag depending on the sync setting.

Interesting- any idea what the reasoning behind the design choice might have been?

I don’t know the original reason, in terms of the internal implementation it was probably a better fit.