UV mapping limitation vs UVW (affine vs perspective mapping)

This kind of distorsion of textures with irregular/trapeze quad faces makes low poly work and texture painting unnecesary difficult.
I found that in some situations it affects also the texture baking.
Subdividing with simple method suggested by some as a workaround is not practical either>

As I understand the affine interpolation used in Blender gives a better performance but perspective corrected interpolation is more precise and would prevent this type of skewing for a negligible cost with current hardware. Also mapping is calculated in Blender using just U and V coordinates and to use a perspective corrected interpolation we would need UVW coordinates.

I think users should have at least the option to chose between the methods.

This issue has been reported also on blender.comunity: https://blender.community/c/rightclickselect/9Ngbbc/