UV Editing tab doesn't show textures by default

When you switch to the UV Editing tab, you dont’ see any textures… even though the UV Editing tab is specifically made for texture mapping…

UV Editing tab should be in “Look Dev” mode by default.

Could a developer please explain the rationale behind this, because it was mentioned in the main paper cuts thread more than once and quite some time ago… I’m honestly really curious. Is there a workflow or feature I don’t understand which makes this decision logical?


It’s silly - just an oversight. The reason is that Textured shading changed shortly before release.


What I don’t get it is why “uv transform” from nodes doesn’t work in solid/texture view.

Is this a bug/limitation?

Those are material settings, not texture settings. You can visualize this in the viewport by using LookDev or Rendered views.

You cannot see material nodes in Solid mode, and that is not likely to change.

Hehe, thanks for the confirmation. :slight_smile: