Using CMD key in python - OSKey?

Hey so I am getting my feet wet looking at adding a CTRL <> CMD swap in Node Wrangler as the CTRL key I find a little akward on the Mac keyboard.

It appears that the CMD key is actually OSKey with is fine but is there any way to know if the user is on Windows or Linux and change the display name?

In Node Wrangler, currently it is nice named “Super” which doesn’t really help anyone.

You can use Python’s API for this:

Awesome, I forgot about that, thanks @ideasman42

Actually also curious. Do you know if there has ever been a discussion about CTRL-CMD swapping as an application preference?

Would there be collisions with the operating systems key-bindings?

To answer own question: Seems there would be many -

Think we better not add, even for add-ons.

Yeah I can see that maybe I’ll see if I can have a few alt mappings - its really only for some of the mappings. Generally I feel the cmd key is underused in Blender - I might poke my head into the keycap discussion if its still going on.

The reason not to use the OSKey is each OS uses it for different purposes, so it’s highly likely to conflict (I have many OSKey mappings used to control windows) so having Blender use these would be a problem.
If users like to have the OSKey for custom mappings, thats fine but rather we dont have a convention of using the OSKey for defaults