Using [B] Box Select should not extends by default

I’m new to Blender 2.8, and I’m irritated by the behavior of BoxSelect: When using it in Edit-Mode from the ToolBar it starts a new selection and only extends when holding [Shift]. When starting it with [B], it always extends the current selection, however you can deselect by holding [Shift]. This is quite annoying because I have to deselect every time before pressing [B].

This thread attemps to give an explanation of this behavior (which I personally can’t follow):

I would love to do the suggested “fix” by adjusting the hotkeys, but the UI improved so much Blender 2.8, that I can’t get it to work.

This is not surprising. Reply is relative to a 2.79.

In 2.8, Box Select tool has several modes that did not exist in 2.79.
Set (New Selection), Extend, Substract, Difference, Intersect.

By default, Active tool is using Set mode. (that is behavior common in many applications.)
But B shortcut is using Extend (that was default in 2.79).

That is not obvious into shortcut panel because you can see a Mode field displaying Set by default.
But that is a greyed out value which is ignored. Internally, default is Extend for this tool.

So, that is probably UI stuff that needs to be polished.

But you should be able to have B shortcut working as you want simply by clicking on Mode value and setting it to Set.
At that moment, mode should not be greyed out, anymore and a little cross should be visible to restore default value (Extend).

@RonanDucluzeau thanks for the explanation. Sadly the work around you describe only works when I activate and uncheck the “wait for input” option. This behavior, however, really needs some getting used to.

I still believe, that the default behavior of [B] BoxSelect should be aligned with the “tool” box-select mode. For me, they are the same thing and it shouldn’t matter if I activate it by clicking the icon vs. pressing the keyboard shortcut.

Didn’t notice that the B shortcut freezes the view?
thats because its not the same, select box its an other tool different tool, what you are looking for its the select in the active tools bar

The shortcut for that quick menu its space bar or shift+spacebar depending in what did you choose the first time you opened 2.8x or it can be configured here

Active tools and modals are two different kind of tools.

What I do is swap the (De)select all and select all so that de-select is “A”, because I almost never select everything.
Also, you can press MMB with box select to de-select instead of selecting, so if deselect-all isn’t what you’re doing then what is your deal?

I agree. It is confusing to have to use different keys combinations for same behavior of same tool.

It’s a different tool, part of the modal workflow. There are reasons it works this way. It was designed to enable a fast selection workflow by using A to deselect/select all whilst using the left mouse button to add to the selection and the middle mouse button to remove from the selection.

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