User Manual Builds


As part of recent development to improve the DevOps pipeline, the Blender manual builds have been disabled to move to the new pipeline. This means changes committed to svn for the manual and translations will not appear on We hope to get the manual building again within the next few days. I will create a new topic when that happens.

Writers and translators can continue testing locally following the guides on

For more details on the changes happening continue reading. Prior to current changes, the manual was built on one of Blender’s web servers. This had the disadvantage of being private so it was hard to monitor builds and any errors that might appear during compilation. In the future, we want to move the build process to a CI build service (buildbot, jenkins, ect). However, before we get to that, the manual will be compiled locally by @JamesM and pushed to as part of the in-development DevOps pipeline. This is the state the things will be when we start compiling the manual again (locally on James’ environment).

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Aaron Carlisle

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Are there any updates on this?

We are hoping to be done later this, possibly Wednesday.

Ah, okay. Thanks for the update!