Use BMesh to analyze IFC data

Hi all,

I’m actually using ifcopenshell to parse an ifc file and get all walls from it. I can get the transform, verts, faces and edges from it, and I’d like to create a mesh or 3D polygon from it OUTSIDE of blender (I was thinking of using BMesh).
My goal is actually to just create a mesh from the vertices, and check if it overlaps with another mesh. What is the easiest way to do it ? Again, I’m working outside of blender, I just want to create a representation of the object to check if it collides with another, I don’t need to visualize it for now.

Any ideas on how to do it ?

Can you post some screenshots of how your meshes look like and what kind of overlaps script should look for?

Meshes looks like that (only the walls), and as for the overlap, I just want to know if the walls are touching / getting intersected by other meshes I will generate during code execution.

Does this building consist from several objects or is it just one object(mesh)?

It’s built from different objects, one mesh per wall

Have a look at 3D Print addon, it’s distributed with Blender. There’s some functionality that checks intersecting faces.

sadly as I said in my post I have to work outside of blender, so the solution must be done at runtime using python and maybe BMesh because if I understood correctly it can be used standalone