USD cycles materials black in Hydra delegate


I exported a simple Blender scene using Omniverse’s Blender 3.4 alpha to USDA with cycles materials.
Unfortunately, if I load the USDA file into usdview with the Cycles hydra delegate they all appear black.

I was under the impression this should work.

The example USD file can be downloaded here

Is there any working example USD file with cycles shaders!?!?

Okay, after spending some time into this it seems I was wrong in my assumption that cycles materials would work in the Hydra delegate. I mean it has an “check” in T96731 but when I look at the code there seems to be no indication that this is actually implemented (I might be wrong on this). It also matches the post from @brecht in Cycles Hydra Render Delegate and USD feedback - Cycles Development - Blender Developer Talk where it says

Editing of device settings, render settings and materials is completely missing or limited host applications, which is the main thing to improve.

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