Updated Visual Studio, can no longer build

I updated Visual Studio a couple days ago. This is the first time I tried to build since then and I’m getting this error.

feels like either a corrupted visual studio installation or corrupt build project, try deleting the build folder (build_windows_full_etcetcetc) and trying again.

if that doesn’t work,this thread might have some ideas

K, I will give that a go tomorrow and see what happens. I guess if it ain’t broke don’t fix it ,but I just broke it, LOL.

@LazyDodo OK, I gave it a go and I got this. Is this on blender’s side or did updating Visual Studio really screw me up?

looks like it’s picking up a copy of openexr from outside our libfolder, check in your CmakeCache.txt where it is picking that up from .

The CmakeCache.txt within the main release folder? I looked ,but I didn’t see anything in it. I think I know where it’s coming from if that is the issue. How do I prevent it from picking up both of them?

I have been building this

and it uses this https://github.com/Microsoft/vcpkg for getting dependencies. There’s openexr in there. So, if this is the problem, how do I do both.

I’d have reproduce and see if i we can work around that.

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@LazyDodo I got it to work ,but I guess I have to remember to rename folders every time.

I created a folder located here C:\meshroom-git for the meshroom. Vcpkg is located here C:\meshroom-git\vcpkg. There’s a lib folder here C:\meshroom-git\vcpkg\installed\x64-windows. I renamed that folder to ‘lib-old’ and was able to build blender.

I guess it was trying to get it from here C:\blender-git\lib and here C:\meshroom-git\vcpkg\installed\x64-windows\lib

I was unable to repro the issue, but it appears that by running

vcpkg integrate install

vcpkg adds it’s include directories to the system includes, so it’ll find it’s includes//ibs before it finds ours. there’s not much to do about that from our side by the looks of it beyond

vcpkg integrate remove

@LazyDodo This was the steps I did if it helps any to repro the issue.

Create a folder here for meshroom.

Getting and setting up vcpkg.

cd C:\meshroom-git
git clone --recursive git://github.com/Microsoft/vcpkg
cd vcpkg
.\vcpkg integrate install

Building dependencies for AliceVision https://github.com/alicevision/AliceVision/blob/develop/INSTALL.md
(You might have not done this step)

cd C:\meshroom-git
cd vcpkg

vcpkg install ^
          boost-algorithm boost-accumulators boost-atomic boost-container boost-date-time boost-exception boost-filesystem boost-graph boost-log ^
          boost-program-options boost-property-tree boost-ptr-container boost-regex boost-serialization boost-system boost-test boost-thread ^
          openexr ^
          openimageio[libraw] ^
          alembic ^
          geogram ^
          eigen3 ^
          ceres[suitesparse] ^
          cuda ^
          --triplet x64-windows

Should now have a ‘lib’ folder here and renaming lets Blender build again…


So you’re saying .\vcpkg integrate install is what messed me up and doing vcpkg integrate remove will fix it?

I suspect that yes, but couldn’t test. this will however break your meshroom build until you run vcpkg integrate install again

I guess the best solution is just leave that folder as “lib-old” and then when I want to build meshroom again change it back to “lib”. That’s not a big deal. I prolly won’t be building meshroom as much as Blender.