Updated versus new created repo differences

Hey friends,

I have a curious problem here. I have at the one hand a old repository which i update regularly. And then i have cloned a repository from scratch a few moments before. And they differ in the addons section, which is currently under reconstruction. The addons and addons_contrib folders are missing in the new repository.

As told, both repositories are up to date. But which one is the valid one now? What am i missing?

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IIRC, the addons and addons_contrib folder are not updated anymore and those addons have been moved the the extension platform.
However the older folders will still stick around if you already have then checked out. They will just not be updated/developed anymore as they have been moved to: Extensions - Blender Projects

Many thanks ZeDB.

What is the clean way to remove these folders then? When i remove these folders, then git has changes, which means i cannot pull anymore.

I just removed the folders.
This worked for me with the latest git main. Git was not tracking these folders, at least on my side. So I didn’t have any issues pulling.

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Indeed, no conflict after deleting those two folders manually. Most probably because these two folders were submodules.

Many thanks :slight_smile: