Update showing of frame_current in Sequencer header while playing?

If I add this line to show current time - timecode - to the header of the Sequencer it only updates while dragging the playhead but not while playing (added to space_sequencer.py).

`layout.label(text="%s" % (bpy.utils.smpte_from_frame(scene.frame_current)))’

In the Timeline header the frame counter updates while playing. How do I get the current time smpte to update in the Sequencer header?

(BTW. the ‘bpy.utils.smpte_from_frame’ gets 29.97 wrong - with only 3 frames pr. sec)

Side and header regions usually don’t redraw automatically.

The timeline editor is a special case because it is shared by the Dopesheet and is used to display / manipulate frames and keys by convention. It is possible to add a post frame change callback that tags a specific header region to redraw after every frame, but it’s not elegant and would stop working when the screen layout changes.

Maybe using the timeline to show SMPTE would work?

Thank you for spending your time on trying to help me out again. I think I’ll let this one go. I’ll have to limit my work to changes in the space_sequencer.py UI file and sequencer.py operator file for this VSE improvement project: https://github.com/tin2tin/blender_vse_reworked

If you have some time on your hands and an interest in the VSE, we could use some help on improving the code suggestion for VSE - Reworked: https://github.com/samytichadou/blender_vse_reworked/issues

Some other links: Can we in collaboration produce a working suggestion for improving the user interface of the VSE?
And: https://blender.chat/channel/vse

Anyway, thank you for the help.