Upcoming blender build fails with tbb-2021.4.0: error: 'tbb::task' has not been declared


@brothermechanic already tried to file an issue on Maniphest, noting that:

[  374s] blender-3.0~git.20211105T115134.1bc655c5aa6/source/blender/blenlib/intern/mesh_boolean.cc: In lambda function:
[  374s] blender-3.0~git.20211105T115134.1bc655c5aa6/source/blender/blenlib/intern/mesh_boolean.cc:1399:14: error: 'tbb::task' has not been declared
[  374s]  1399 |         tbb::task::self().cancel_group_execution();

Unfortunately, according to the oneTBB project, there’s no easy workaround (to my knowledge), just hand waving by referring to use parallel STL…

Therefore, no fix supplied today, sorry.

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Fix here:


You made my day again, Brecht.

Applied and success in test build.

Thank you very much.

Thank you!
ps: is this available to 2.93.x too?

This is a fix for new code in 3.0, not relevant to 2.93.