Unintentional drag and drop color in Color Palette is unavoidable and there is no undo

When I paint a texture with a prepared palette, no matter how hard I try, sooner or later I accidentally drag one color onto another. There is no undo here.
Drop Color

There is already a functionality for copying colors when you hover the cursor over them and press ctrl+c and ctrl+v. If drag and drop colors only worked when dragging colors from the palette, but not between the colors of the palette, then it would be comfortable. Or maybe undo ability for drag color would be the solution.

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Optionally a modifier key to hold while dragging or a checkbox for sorting mode that lets the colors be rearranged only while active and otherwise locks them?

Yes, such options are also good. It’s a good idea if dragging was used to rearrange colors, and not to replace one with another, then the up and down arrows in the palette interface will not be needed in this case.