Unhiding vertices/face/edges in edit mode selects the unhidden verts/faces/edges

often you have to hide parts of a mesh in edit mode, so you can more easily make selection or limit an operation to only part of the mesh.

This is great, but the problem is you generally need to be able to see the hidden portion so that relative proportions can be met.

In this instance you need to unhide the hidden verts/faces/edges whilst keeping the sub object selection you’ve made.

Unfortunately, unhiding parts of the model also results in those unhidden elements being selected, which puts you right back at square one.


  1. don’t select elements after unhiding them.
  2. have an option to ghost hidden elements so that you don’t even need to unhide. This would be ideal because it would mean you could see what you were doing without operatins affecting the hidden/ghosted parts of the mesh.
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If you press F9 or go to the Reveal Hidden options box you can uncheck “Select”.

Simply untick this box after unhiding:

… or even reverse the default behaviour in your keymap settings:

I agree that by default I more often want the unhidden faces deselected than selected, though.

That is excellent information! Thanks.

Besides duplicating to a new object temporarily, are you aware of any workaround to be able to see the hidden parts of a mesh without having them be affected by modelling operations?

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Sorry, no. Never searched for that behaviour.
Maybe with a vertex selection and some sort of freeze modifier, maaaybe? I’m just guessing, though.

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