Unable to join Blender Chat

Hi there, has anyone a solution or an answer to why i can’t login to blender chat? I can click on it, but nothing happens. What data do you need to get an idea? Linux Mint 20.1, newest firefox, recent nvidia driver… and as you can see, i permitted any possible java script (arrow pointing at noscript-icon which shows all green).

Try to clear cache / cookies for the site or try a different browser.

i get the cache cleared automatically whenever i quit firefox, so that might not help. Different browser… that’s a harsh measure, right? Thx anyway!

It’s important to narrow down the issue. Therefore I suggested to try a different browser.

I just checked with a private browsing window (Firefox), clicking on “Login with Blender ID” brings me to the login window and works fine.

okay, i installed chromium on a VM, and there it works. I don’t have to log in there, it just shown the talk. Do you need me to also install and try it on my host machine? The issue occured on both, real and virtual machines.

You have to log-in to participate in the chat, if you just like to read it you don’t.

I suspect some setting or add-on in your Firefox that causes issues here.

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