UI for OSL external script


Is there a way to add small ui tweak to external osl script? The current blender osl is missing load function for map files (exr file). This is the most requested feature for our wParallax customers…and many are frustrated that they have to type the full path of exr file manually… while in other software you can simple click open and load the file.

Hope this can be implemented in the future, it will be very appreciated!

Thank you,
Art Maknev

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I do not know much about OSL, I guess the properties visible in the node are generated from the shader’s output & input properties?

The file-browsing button should automatically be added when the underlying property is of type string and sub-type FILE_PATH or DIR_PATH. I guess you can’t specify that with OSL. I guess Blender would have to add a new OSL type for that, which scripts can return?