UI Dialog in 2.8x

It’s been a while since I’ve cracked open 2.79, but I feel like we used to be able to use wm.popup_menu to convey some information to the user that might be lost with self.report. Trying to do this in 2.8x and the menu disappears quickly if the mouse moves more than a few pixels away from the menu panel. It’s possible that this is how it worked in 2.7x as well, but I don’t remember the proximity dismissal being so… aggressive.

as an addon developer, we have very limited capabilities within bpy to communicate with our users, self.report just doesn’t cut the mustard for anything beyond the most basic ‘success’ or ‘failure’ messages.

Is there any way we could get some additional messaging tools in a future update? I know complex modal dialogues have been asked for and rejected in the past, and for the most part you can work around that by writing an operator to handle it, but sometimes we just need to output some more detailed information that the user needs to see.

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