UI design resources available?

I’m looking for design resource for the interface. Are there any sketch files, ai files, photoshop files lying around? I looked around the wiki but didn’t find anything related.

You could try looking on BlenderNation.

I’m not sure what you are asking for, if you wanted mockups for the 2.8x Ui you can find a lot of old design tasks in developer.blender.org where those were proposed and discussed, but it’s a bit dispersive.
I’m quite sure that actual .ps or .ai files are not available anywhere, but you might ask William Reynish if he has something to share.

It could be a good idea btw to have a public accessible file with what’s needed to create consistent mockups @billrey

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Thanks, I sent @billrey a message. :slight_smile:

Didn’t find anything there. Maybe I didn’t look in the right place?

I’d love this; I have an Elgato Streamdeck that I made a profile for----having actual icons for the tools would be a great timesaver. As it is, I made my own for the brushes etc by taking screengrabs:

I just got my streamdeck, and wanted to create a profile for Blender.
I found @Dengel’s profile, but didn’t like it because of the non-official icons. I did some searching, and found all the icons i needed. Once I’m finished with the profile (Streamdeck XL) i might post it on gumroad so you guys can download it.

The tool menu icons can be found in this blend file:
bf-blender - Revision 62627: /trunk/lib/resources

The other icons can be found here: