UI - Contextual modifier description in the tooltips of the Add Modifier dialog window


To add a new modifier onto an object we press the Add Modifier dropdown component and a dialog window with all the available modifiers pops. When we move the mouse cursor over each listed modifier a tooltip appears. Currently the text displayed in this tooltip is the same for each modifier and do not provide any clue on what the modifier does.

We suggest to introduce a real contextual message here that efficiently describe what the highlighted modifier does. This would greatly help new users to pick the item they need.
Ideally this tooltip would also have an hyperlink to the modifier documentation web page.

Thank you very much


Here is an example of what the new tooltip could look like. It quickly provides an accurate and useful description of the highlighted modifier.

@sybren, @billrey, do you think such a development could be done on your side?

In the future the tooltip system could be improved even more with the addition of an hyperlink that would allow the user to jump directly to the modifier documentation page.


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