UI Consistency with relation to displaying Values and Value Types

Throughout the User Interface, various setting values have attached value types lke:
px, mm, m, % etc.

Is the UI design paradigm that:

  1. The Value and Value Type are separated by a space: ‘10 mm’, ‘10 m’, ‘10 %’, ‘10 fps’ etc or,
  2. There is no space between the Value and Value Type; ‘10mm’, ‘10m’, ‘10%’, ‘10fps’?

There is no space between the value and the unit as far as I can tell.

The general rule is that there should be no space between a number and a symbol, so 10% or 30° 12′ 5″, but there should be a space between a number and unit of measure, so 12 mm or 30 fps.

I would like to resurrect this topic by talking about grids and measurements and scaling units
problems that happened to me starting from a default situation:

  • 1 put the unit systen in meters
  • 2 I put the centimeter length
  • 3 I import a stl, to carry out precision processing on a project, and I find by default an object, which instead of being 10 cm is 10 m.
    OK, no big deal, put the units scale from 1 to 0.01 and the object now measures 10 cm.
    But now I have problems with the grid, being this gigantic.
    My question is, is it reversed and so is it a bug or am i missing something?

Once these problems are exposed, I have a question that I would like to discuss, since there are these types of formats that are more related to the world of precision measurement, it would no longer be appropriate to make sure that the units of measurement, in phase importing, were more standard and more faithful to reality instead of going to see posthumouslyo set everything more coherent ???

@Harleya you who like to fix these little inconsistencies and fine work, what do you say?

Do we list importers and exporters that are not standardized with scaling systems and make them more correct?

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Investigating better, to have a coherent measurement system, after importing an object, you need to set almost 5 parameters …
Here, if all this was avoided or automated and simplified, I think it would be much better.

Possible solution:
1 Make importers and exporters scale unit more standard and consistent, especially those related to precision.

2 when setting the length, redraw the display of the grid related to this parameter and correlate it in some way to the scale unit.