UI - Better plug visualization on input and output group nodes

Creating new input and output plugs for a group is a pretty easy and common operation for users who have already done it at least one time. As we experienced recently, whether it is for new users or people who don’t do this operation so often, adding an input of the exact type one need can be pretty tricky because the UI feedback to do so is too discreet.
This can sound strange, especially once one know how to do it, but we spent quite some time, at 3 persons with various knowledge of the application, to find how it actually works (found it by going into the code…).

So what we tried to achieve was this: On the Group Inputs node, which already had a float input, we wanted to add another plug of type float. We browsed the UI, read the documentation… We weren’t able to find a place where to specify the new plug type.
We believe that if the transparent black-rounded last plug of the node had been more visible we would have found the solution far quicker.

We then propose 2 improvements to make things more intuitive:

1- Making the “new plug” more visible

2- Allowing the user to explicitly set the type of the plug she is about to create in the Interface panel.

What do you think of all this?

Thank you

Oh and I also wanted to say that before we found the solution on how to create these new plugs I found an addon addressing this UI issue. This addon is called BIS and its main purpose is online material storage. But as part of the features it offers there is this panel in the Shader Editor where it is possible to add plugs on the selected Group node.

It works pretty well. It’s just that it is a bit overkill - and not at all production friendly - to have to install an addon just to compensate an already exisitng good mechanics suffering from low visual feedback.