UFBX - Single source file FBX file loader

For the upcoming 4.3 version, Godot changed the library it uses to import FBX, and it now uses uFBX.

Before that it was using FBX2glTF.

I basically wanted to share this information, without any call for action necessarily.

That said, the I/O module (or the community at large) may want to check if we would have anything to gain from using that. If it fix any long standing issues we may have, these things.

Keep in mind that this library only does importing, not exporting.


@dfelinto I was planning on tinkering with UFBX for FBX import within Blender a while ago, but then got sidetracked to work on other things. And then, the Python FBX addon has been getting performance improvements lately anyway, so…

That said, I have used UFBX in a completely unrelated game project, and can say I’m very impressed. It handled everything that I threw at it, the API is way more clear and intuitive than official Autodesk SDK (which Blender can’t use since it’s not open source anyway), and it is faster than official SDK because it does not have things that prevent from importing multiple FBX files in parallel. And it’s trivial to build and embed, and source code is very well written. Brilliant.


Honestly It would be wonderful to see UFBX in Blender as a plugin.

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