UDIM naming in UV Editor, not just 'tiling'

Now we have UDIM support in Blender, can we at least stick to the default naming schemes out there, and call it ‘UDIM Tiling’ in the UV Editor, instead of just “Tiling”?

The naming now is confusing for a lot of people who have no idea what UDIM is, and easily will mistake it for ‘regular’ UV Tiling.

This has been requested before in several places, and It would be nice for the devs to make themselves a bit more familiar with naming conventions ‘out there’.

So… can we still fix this for the 2.83 release?


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Completely agree with RobWu!
We already use “UDIM” so why not be consistent?

Installed todays build, and it’s now properly named to UDIM Tiles.

Thanks to the one who fixed it before the official release, it’s sometimes the little things :slight_smile: