Turn on MathJax for DevTalk

In my latest thread I noticed that apparently DevTalk doesn’t have MathJax enabled.

Not sure if it was turned off during the Gitea migration or if DevTalk never has it in the first place, but given that https://projects.blender.org/ has MathJax enabled could someone please enable/implement it for DevTalk as well?



Is really no one interested in this?
Being a developer platform I think math isn’t all that uncommon to come up.

has MathJax enabled as well so why not DevTalk?

Devtalk (discourse) and projects.blender.org(gitea) are 2 different software platforms that have nothing to do with each other, the only thing they share is the user account database.

Just because gitea has support for something doesn’t mean we can “just enable it on devtalk”

I took a quick peek, and it seems like there is no out of the box support for it. But there may be a plugin that’ll do it. But even then, getting that implemented on the production environment may take a bit (if it makes it though testing at all)

Ultimately it’s up to the admins to decide if we want this or not, seems handy, though

cc: @ThomasDinges

Discourse offers an official plugin for that: Discourse Math - plugin - Discourse Meta

@troubled Any concerns enabling this?

Heya o/

Well, if you folks are all in need of the plugin, then that is one thing. However, installing a plugin that requires rebuilding of the docker image means a good 20-30 minutes to rebuild. During that time, the site is completely off line.

Assuming there are no security issues, and the person asking isn’t just doing so to get us to install a knowingly vulnerable piece of code and are using your gullibility to do it, then I think it’s more of inconvenience (downtime) than anything. And possibly too much of a hassle if only 1 person is going to use it every few years to do a single math formula. :wink:

Is there actually a need for such a plugin? The fact that it’s maintained by Discourse themselves is a thumbs up in my book.

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User is a regular submitter of mathy based shader patches, if this was all a ploy to get a vulnerable piece of code installed he’s definitely playing the long con, soo yeah think it’s pretty safe to give that option very low odds.

As for the addon, not my call, it sounds handy, but i don’t see it get much daily use, if it wasn’t there i’d probably just edit whatever i wanted to share on gitea/matlab/wolfram and take a screenshot , paste in my devtalk post and be done with it

Just trying to make people thing outside the box on requests, especially in a world full of scammers, phishing and shady people!

Ya, the screenshot stuff was my first though. I can also keep it in mind for the next upgrade or maintenance for the site.

@troubled Oh no! You uncovered my secret master plan to hack Devtalk! :rofl:

Jokes aside, I don’t actually know of any vulnerabilities of that MathJax plugin.
What I think of using it for is for making comments like #110839 - Add Lacunarity and Normalize Inputs to the Noise Texture Node - blender - Blender Projects.
Apart from that what’s nice about MathJax is that for example you can use it to suffix or superfix variables like $x_1$ or $x^1$ and it’s handy for using mathematical symbols like $\geq$ instead of >= or $\mathbb{R}^3$ for the 3 dimensional euclidean space.

It’s definitely not something that Devtalk absolutely needs but rather an inconvenience when it’s not there, so I’ll let you guys decide what’s best.
After all I don’t want to be the one to unknowingly introduce security issues to Devtalk.


@troubled Since the plugin is being maintained by Discourse themselves it should be safe right?

I’m just teasing about the security :wink:

It all sounds just fine, but again, the issue is that we have to go down to install it, so it’s going to have to wait a while. When the time comes, it can certainly be tried out. More just a matter of finding the time to sit down and go over all the documentation and settings, known issues, etc.

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I did take the liberty of enabling the plugin during todays update and rebuild. See how it goes!


Edit: More example text:

\sqrt{(-1)} \; 2^3 \; \sum \; \pi

PS: Apparently it doesn’t work (render) in the email digests, possibly. Just a heads up!


\mathrm{T\kern-2pt\raise{2.5pt}{\small H}\kern-3pt\raise{-2.1pt}{A}\kern-2ptN^K_S !}