Trying to build my own blender version on Mac

I have been using blender for a good 5+ years now, but I have never ventured into the area of building/compiling my own version of blender.

I have successfully done a pull from the git(if pull is the correct term?) I have switched the branch to the blender mantaflow. (because I would like to try out mantaflow)

but my current stumbling block is the following step getting the dependencies

cd ~/blender-git

This seems to be where is breaks with building Python-3.7.0 I get the following terminal response:

Building Python-3.7.0
Ensuring /opt/lib exists and is writable by us
./blender/build_files/build_environment/ line 910: wget: command not found
ERROR! wget could not find, or could not
write it to /Users/fireme/src/blender-deps/Python-3.7.0.tgz, exiting

so just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I’m doing wrong, thanks in advance

Pedantic: you clone a repository to get the entire mess. ‘Pull’ refers to getting a specific set of changes.

The link seems to work just now so you might try again.
Make sure /Users/fireme/src/blender-deps is writable by creating a file in it.
Check for an existing Python-3.7.0.tgz there owned by another user.

Hi, Thanks for the reply and also clearing up my terminology for git, I have done a test in terminal by creating a file under.


by using the following what succecfully created a file called sample.txt

cat > sample.txt

but I’m still getting the same issue above.

Are you trying to build on Mac as the title says? Then you’re using the wrong build instructions, go here instead:

If you are building on Linux, then try installing wget through the package manager.

Thanks Brecht,

Thats correct! looks like I was following the complete wrong instructions for my system which is mac.

I managed to build the latest version of blender, and also a version where I switched branch to the manta-flow I think.

They both seem to be building in 2.8, is it at all possible for me to build a manta flow branch to 2.79 at all?

Bare with me still new to this stuff. Thanks for the help

You’d need a different branch or older version of the mantaflow branch that is based on 2.79.

git checkout 0f3da2016d01 seems like it might be the last version of mantaflow with 2.79, not sure if there is something better.

done a git checkout on 0f3da2016d01 which seemed to build a 2.8 alpha version :confused:

Sorry, I got the wrong commit. I think c29ce9b would be ok but don’t have time dig into this deeply myself, I think it’s some commit on that fluid-mantaflow branch.