Transferring Shortcuts and Preferences

I just downloaded the version 2.93 LTS. After downloading and running the new version for the first time I had to configure my hotkeys, since the export and import function of the keymap has problems with my custom pie radial menus, they work but they don’t look like they have a button assigned. And other preferences like gizmo size are as far as I know not transferred either.

Wouldn’t it be great if on the first start of a newly downloaded version Blender would ask you if you would like to transfer enabled addons(not the the addons itself but their enabled and disabled state), preferences and hotkeys from an older version? So you don’t have to manually change everything. That’s to much of a time investment so I probably will not use the newest version for now, which is shame really…
Autodesk Maya already has something like this

Shortcuts / preferences transfer already exist, there is button in splash screen on first launch:

If you missed it you can force blender to ask about import again by deleting 2.93 folder in:

C:/Users/*USERNAME*/Roaming/Blender Foundation/Blender

Add-ons not working in 2.93 might have been caused by api changes.

Oh right, I missed it, it does work kind of.
But it does not transfer my custom radial pie menu shortcuts, they are still missing even though he copies the radial pie menus from the startup folder from the version before.
These I have to add by hand…