Tracking/polling/feedback for the translation of keyframes in the dopesheet?

Hey guys , im asking here becasue noone else is able to help me in other forums.

I wrote a little script which implements “ripple editing” (all later keyframes follow the first selected one).

The DAW(digital audio workstation) “Reaper” was the first program to implement this feature for its timeline, but other DAW companies swiftly copied the method becasue it was so good and intuitive. Its a very easy trick and at the same time cutting edge quality of life when it comes to placing items on a timeline. in blender it would save 90% of box selections of keyframes in the dopesheet when you are timing your animation keyframes.

My function / operator works fine when i bind it to a hotkey. I’ve been using it for some time in blender and it proved to be very useful and timesaving when animating in blender.
But the real deal would be to run it when a user drags a keyframe to the left or right with the mouse (or G).
Thats what is still missing. (you can find my script here: … its the rippleMove() function)

So now im in search of a method to poll the movement or translation of keyframes in the dopesheet, which gives me a feedback so i can run my function. !!!

**Is it even possible with blenders python API as an addon right now ? **
or do i need to dive deep and implement it in the source code ?

if its not possible to implement as an addon , where in the blender code base do i find the translation of keyframes function? can you point me to it ?