Tooltips or not tooltips? Translate tooltips in status bar as tooltips


Now interface translation are not recommended because “it might make it hard to follow tutorials or the manual”. So if you decided to follow recommendations and translate only tooltips:


You will note that tooltips in status bar aren’t translated:

Same time operator info-bar are translated:

On one hand they are part of the interface, so they mast be not translated, but on the other hand - they are tooltips, and it’s more user-friendly to translate them. Users do not interact with them, so no problems with tutorials here. In general, they are more of a tooltips than an interface

I know that is tooltips mean in blender only elements showing when hovering over tools, properties ets. But in terms of meaning, these are also tooltips. The division of interface/tooltips is very old, and begins than toolbar haven’t tooltips at all. Maybe it’s time to review this?

Other solution make second category for toolbar tooltips, operator’s information (already translated as tooltips):

in 4th category in settings.


To be honest, I would like the status bar to be considered as a guide element, i.e. a tooltip.