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Tooltips for Shader and Geometry Nodes

Hi, probably this has been mentioned before somewhere else, but I find the absence of tooltips in shader and geonode editor quite a huge hindrance when working. I use shader nodes extensively for years now and started using geometry nodes recently. What really annoys me right now is the complete lack of Tooltips when you hover over an existing node or the one in the Add Node menu in geometry and shader nodes.

With the introduction of so many geometry nodes and changing shader and geonode names and functionality from version to version it is sometimes very hard to memorize which node does what and I am forced to test every node out until I get to the desired one and this whole process of poking the nodes around consumes way too much time IMO. There’s info on every node in Blender docs, but that requires user to open browser in separate tab and look for the node and read the description there.

I was wondering why is there no proper tooltips in shader and geometry nodes like we have for other tools, menu items, commands and modifiers in Blender? Also it would have been cool to have tooltips not only with the description of the node but when we hover over every node value with our mouse.

I found that there’s a topic about it on right-click here:

And it seems there’s some work being done to add tooltips, but wanted to leave this as a message as a reminder of a huge paper-cut I’m experiencing. Cheers!

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