Too narrow material list


Currently, when we want to choose a material, and expand the list of materials in material properties (see the screenshot), it has fixed width, no matter how wide the properties editor is. This makes it very hard to inspect materials with long names.

The same problem is with Image Editor and Shader Editor. When you expand the image/ materials list, you cannot see their full names if they’re too long.


I think that the width of the material list/ picker (you name it), should be coded as percentage (e.g. 70%) of editor (e.g. properties editor) width, so we could stretch the whole editor whenever we need more space for previewing material names.


Any news on this?
We are facing the same issue :-/
Screenshot 2022-05-19 090400
I believe it can’t be that difficult to just make the list resizable (manually by dragging the edge or automatically to fit the longest name).
Thanks in advance.

In your case the preview disapear… it’s not good the preview is needed ! Imagine a lot of beginner or anybody need and found this material by the preview and not by the name… Hum isn’t good…

Missing previews is a different issue.