Tinkering with the UI - Sidebar rotation?

I am experimenting with the UI, and would like to rotate the sidebar (which holds the addon tabs) so it is horizontal at the top instead of vertical at the side, where would be the place for such a change? area.c? interface_panel.c? I am quite a bit lost as to where this area it is defined and shaped.

Hello! Blender used to support both horizontal and vertical panels, but it has been many years since it was used. Recently the remaining code to allow x-axis aligned panels was finally removed. I strongly doubt that horizontal panels would be added again officially, but these commits are what removed the remaining support for horizontal drawing, and they should get you pointed in the right direction for your tinkering.


I see, thank you for the pointers! At least I am looking around the correct places it seems :slight_smile:
Well I am on 2.83, and I see all the code recalling the “vertical” panels is still there, but where can that “vertical” flag be set to enable rotating the sidebar area? I tried the obvious (const bool vertical = false;) and it doesn’t rotate but make the panel float when dragged from the left side… which is nice. But maybe there’s already and option there in the settings and I don’t know it, sorry if that’s the case!

I’ve spent lots of time in the last 6 months or so cleaning up and changing panel code. If you’re looking to get horizontal panels working you’re probably in for a journey. Not just because some of that code has been removed, but because it’s been quite a long time since it was used, so lots of tangentially related stuff has changed. Anyway, just expect to spend a fair amount of time learning about how stuff works, it’s no where near as simple as flipping a boolean.