Time variation for alembic instances

Is it possible to control alembic animation per instance by geometry nodes? Like changing “Override Frame” in “MeshSequenceCache” modifier but per instance. Some example: Let’s say we have a growing tree as alembic and we want to cover some plane by trees but they should grow like a gradient/wave from left to the right. This is something I miss in our production pipeline, but maybe there is any solution?

PS. Blender is great :smiley:

i have to re import the abc so you can change the timing without affecting the timing of the first abc

I can’t find better example. What if I have to do something like this: https://twitter.com/simonxxoo/status/1526612554964795397?s=20&t=eh7CerXmQdpRfP8dGWsvcw but instead of changing scale, I would like to change alembic frame.

UPDATE: Dazzling thought. If objects could have different geometry they wouldn’t be instances :slight_smile:

You can duplicate your .abc object with ALT+D (instance) and then in the MeshCache modifier click the little number that indicates the users of this data block to create a single user. This way you will have two objects sharing the same mesh data(instance) but with a different mesh cache frame offset for each object.
It would be very useful to instance this .abc inside Geometry Nodes and change this frame offset value with some ID attribute or random value… this would allow the crowd simulation, randomizing a pre-animated object, or triggering a flower field to bloom based on a proximity object…

Thanks for the answer. This is obviously a good solution, but it is inconvenient if there are hundreds of objects. Geometry Nodes even now is a very powerful tool, but as you wrote “It would be very useful to instance this .abc inside Geometry Nodes…” :slight_smile: Cheers!