The Video Sequence Editor - Reworked (a ready to patch suggestion)

I want to suggest, that VSE could have its own instances like the viewport.

What I mean is that, just like you can have multiple viewport views (front side left, etc…), this could also apply to the sequencer.

One example would be a sequencer window displaying the inside of a metastrip and another sequencer window displaying all the strips.

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Some more functions added to VSE Reworked:

Extend to Fill:
(uses reworked code from KinoRaw)

Move in Steps(with numpad):
(Zoom also mapped to numpad)


New VSE Reworked feature: ‘Concatenate’ aka. Extract gaps after selected strips.

The old Extract Gap(s) functions only works when there are gaps in all channels vertically, meaning you can’t remove a gap if there isn’t a gap above and below. Should I remove them and just keep this new one?


Here’s a demo showing the problem of first the two old ones and then the new(last):

Download VSE Reworked:


If I may just add one thing…
I’m a game artist, and I do a lot of character lipsync animation in Blender, so seeing the waveform of an audioclip in the sequence editor is crucial to my work.
However, showing the waveform hides the filename of an audioclip, and I need to see both at the same time, so that I can immediately tell which audioclip is which. I’m not talking about the full file path but just the name. The N-panel already shows the full path and that’s perfectly sufficient.
So, hopefully there’s a chance you people will make it possible for filename and waveform to be shown at the same time. Even if they’re overlapping, that would be totally fine.

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There is an add-on for this:

Display Active Image Strip’s Name -
What it does: When seeking through an image sequence, display the active strips’ file name
for the current frame, and it’s playhead

Move in Steps improved. Anyone up for a classic Snake game in the VSE?

Download VSE Reworked:


Sounds good, but the script doesn’t work. And I’d like this feature to be integrated into Blender directly. The less addons the better.

The work we’re doing here is limited to what we can change in two blender native python scripts. One script deals with the layout of the menus and n-panel and the other with minor functions.

The look of the strips can’t be changed in these scripts, so you better add your suggestion to right-click-select.

what script doesn’t work?

Guys, this is getting more and more off topic…

The script Gabs doesn’t think is working is the one mentioned a few posts above: The Video Sequence Editor - Reworked (a ready to patch suggestion)

The script does work(but maybe not for his purpose?). The installation instructions are here:

I didn’t realize the script was part of an addon package. When I install the entire Amaranth package it works.
However, what this script does is display the name of the currently selected/viewed clip inside the header of the sequencer window. And it works for image clips only, not for audio or video.
What I really wanted was something like this:
But I guess that’s just not possible without significant changes to Blender’s C++ core.
Thanks for helping me realize this. And I’m sorry to have bothered you. I’m still figuring out how this forum is structured…

If it’s possible for image clips then I think it should be possible for the otheres, too. Why not submit the feature request to the amaranth add-on github issue tracker?

Is having the color wheels self-aligning side by side a good thing?

It could potentially be used in a workspace like this:


Running through the VSE Reworked Menus in this gif. Let me know if the wording or organization could be more logical?

I’ve started to trying to convert the VSE Sidebar into one column and move the most important elements to the top. Are there any objections to this work?

I think Image offset and Image Crop properly should go to the Edit Strip too.
Maybe move Filter above Strip Input.
Data was originally called Info, but in order to move it down I had to rename it. Maybe it should be under Proxy too? The text-labels aren’t working that well in Data. Any ideas?


Great work @tintwotin !

Alrighty, I’m as far with converting the VSE panels to 2.80 style, as I can get without help.

Codewise, I’ve only uncommented stuff - so it was quick to go back to having functions where they originally were. So the script does need a round of clean up all the uncommented stuff. However, there are a few things I need help with.

Download the VSE Reworked files from here:

Follow the installation instructions. In the Blender 2.80 Text Editor you’ll need to also open: “\2.80\scripts\startup\bl_ui\” and “2.80\scripts\startup\bl_ui\” in the Text Editor to avoid errors.

And when finished run…
… from the text editor.

This is how the panels currently are looking. These are the issues I see currently:

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Hello, when i try to run the script “”, i receive this error ( last Blender Build aca13040dac Linux ):

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/", line 23, in <module>
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '__main__.properties_grease_pencil_common'; '__main__' is not a package
Error: Python script fail, look in the console for now...\

“”, “” and “” seem to work well

You need to do this too: If you want to run the from the Blender 2.80 Text Editor you’ll need to also open: “\2.80\scripts\startup\bl_ui\” “2.80\scripts\startup\bl_ui\” in the Text Editor to avoid errors.

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Looks good I think.

There are some places where it could be a bit more concise. For example, where it says Trim Duration, you can inline that with Start, so it says Trim Duration Start and then End on the next line. Refer to other places in Properties where we do this, like Location X, Y, Z and others.