The pop-up box in the bottom left of the 3D viewport should appear immediately when activating a tool, i.e. the transformation tools on a selected mesh

Right now the pop-up box where you can adjust the settings does not appear when you activate tools, like the gizmo, move, rotate, and scale tools for instance. Right now it works like this:

  1. You select the mesh/object you want to edit (both in object mode and edit mode).
  2. You activate any of the tools (click on the icons or use a shortcut).
  3. You click/drag the tool to make the box appear.

I prefer typing/sliding the values in the pop-up box over using the shortcuts like x, y, and z, but the pop-up box only activates after you’ve started clicking/dragging the tool itself, which can cause the object to move around in directions you don’t want when you instead want to fine adjust your selection with the pop-up box. How I think it should work is this:

  1. You select the mesh you want to edit.
  2. You activate any of the tools and the pop-up box immediately appears.

This should be done also when using the duplicate shortcut, since it too makes your object move around like you’re using the move tool.


That panel is there exactly to fix the unrefined interaction blender has with his “new” tools. Kidding but there is some truth in that.

The poor thing with that panel is also that its minimized by default. That should be a power feature that advanced users who have seen that panel 1000 times enable, but for new users it should absolutely be open by default so people see it.

(Already reported this in the main thread, but good to have it on its own here too.)

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