The Blender doesn't building with libLLVM v13

I get error when tried building the Blender:

– Build files have been written to: …/arch-pkgbuilds/blender-git/src/build
ninja: Entering directory `…/arch-pkgbuilds/blender-git/src/build’
ninja: error: ‘/usr/lib/’, needed by ‘bin/blender’, missing and no known rule to make it

My system Arch has libLLVM version 13:

$ pacman -Qs llvm
local/clang 13.0.0-2
C language family frontend for LLVM
local/lib32-llvm-libs 13.0.0-1
Low Level Virtual Machine (runtime library)(32-bit)
local/llvm 13.0.0-3
Collection of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies
local/llvm-libs 13.0.0-3
LLVM runtime libraries

This looks like there is an existing build configuration using LLVM 12, and now that you upgraded to LLVM 13 it no longer works. Doing a completely clean build may solve the problem.

The Arch pkgbuild is not maintained by the Blender project though. So I’m not sure about the details of how this is supposed to work.

Thank you! I cleared all the build files, and found an mistake with the CMake parameter key in PKGBUILD. Now building is success.