Texture paint discussion

Hello everyone , i m currently working on a texture paint proposal but cant find any specify channel/forum to discuss some up/downs. anyone here would recommend any channel/forum/site for it ?

if possible, once ready can i post it here for feedback and changes ?


You can post your suggestions on Right-Click Select — Blender Community


I think it’s okay to post here on dev forums for discussion if it’s more than just a feature request but a complete design proposition.

Postt it before a modo close your topic…

@Stimes it’s best not to encourage people to break the forum rules, please don’t do this again.


Will surely post it once its ready i have ideas and concept ready but i still need some visual mochups for representation, if some of you guys want to help me on it i can give you early access.

plus, its an big proposal i like to divide it in parts.

don’t waste brain power reinventing.
armorpaint is the best free starting point, if blender wants to have a somewhat decent and modern texturing system

start from there

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Yeah i know armourpaint has a nice approach towards texturing. but its seems very limited and dependable on image based materials. it cant create material from scratch, on ther other side In my proposal its more like procedural texturing with some sort of layering method that can enable user to paint material like substance painter.

just for example i created this new merge node for blender

the node is very self explanatory. plus, there are tons of new nodes and changes in current available nodes for better workflow, give me some time i’ll soon come up with my proposal.

In the end we just have to wait and trust blender developers.


I like this, like a MixRGB on steroids!

I think what’s really missing here is PBR texture layer sets workflow or method to layer with few nodes - and with that a good GUI for easy top-level UX connected to the node editors. Texture Layer Painter and others like it try to remedy this quite well - maybe even default bake nodes (many addons for that too). Basically, if there are too many addons trying to remedy the defaults, then that’s where you should start. There are many baking addons, many texture painting addons - and all of them trying to fix the texture painting process. Implementing one of the opensource ones into the default C code would be a huge start, and lots of the work will be done for you per features and UX, also user case studies and experience.

Here is a good example to try mimic, adopt, then commit to master:

Concerning brushes, exposing brush presets to a top-level for a single mouse over and click with good previews or visual cues is the only real issue (current method requires a zig-zag through a drop down grid pattern). With a friend, we have found methods to make panels and expose them to top level, dynamic, custom icons and all - but then the default toolshelf will need tabs and tool panels like in the 2.79 days. We added that back to allow to have that UX with our own builds of Blender - so we could have this UX freely, but yeah… there is that hurdle first: ei, get more toolshelf space and realestate for top-level texture painting UX’s. You don’t know how much time you burn zigzagging in dropdowns and grid patterns when you could just mouse over and click the brush presets directly from the 3D viewport, no floating nor sub menus nor pie menus to trigger, show, then orientate to - till you’ve tried a top level system.

Another minor detail is the texture brush widget orientating to normals - like in the sculpt mode… but also for texture painting modes. So… the brush visualizes on the mesh, not on screen space all the time.

Everything else… just needs polish.

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this is the right one node I’m missing from the layer node from the renderer naming starting with Ar. It should replace the existing mix node not only for texture painting but for the whole purpose of mixing textures in blender.

Is true ! a node when we can plug some textures / images etc… is needed for exemple from top is layer 1 and more you got down… more the value of layer set +1 (entry 3 is id = 3) is the 3rd layer and is on the top ! Like photoshop system layer…or in any photo software !

Every page has a blue banner, clearly saying

This is a dedicated place for Blender module teams to reach out to contributors - development questions are welcome.
For feature requests, please use rightclickselect.com.

Therefore closing the thread.

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