Text Editor: 'Save As' defaults to use the filename rather than the text block name

Hi peeps.

When you want to save a text file, it defaults to use the name of the blend file rather than the name of the text block.

-Open a file that has a text block (or create one)
-Click “save as” in the text editor menu
-the default name will be “your-file-name.blend” which isn’t great for a text file.

Blender will seem to remember the last name used if you repeat this process.

Perhaps this can default to use the name of the text block.

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I can’t reproduce this issue in the 2.81.2 and 2.80, so it looks more like a bug, you should create a bug report. Or you missed some step in your description.

You are correct jenk.
I can’t replicate it in any other file either.

But it does it every single time in the file shown in the video.
So weird.