Tabs in the toolbar?

Hi, will or is it already possible to add category tabs in the tool-panel, just like some addons do in the n-panel ?

Would make sense with the new API for add-ons to register tools in the toolbar.


This may be more a UI question, but with tabs, it would also be interesting to be able to show multiple tabs at the same time… both for n and t panel.

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You can create “tabs” using an enum prop, rendered using the expand=True arg.
Then, depending on the enum value, draw whatever you want to be drawn in that tab.

Yes I think at some point we would need some mechanism to group tools. If you have 300 tools, it’s not so fun to scroll down a single list.

However, the ‘old’ tabs don’t work so nicely with the new floating toolbar. So in that way it’s more of a UI issue.

Some ideas were explored here:


please do this, but find a better solution to the vertical text, it is insidious and inconvenient.
An evolution is needed: perhaps for example small icons with pop-up captions describing the name of the addon and its use ??

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It would also fit with the vertical icon layout of the properties editor now.

I guess it could be an option again, text/icons/both

Also, it would be neat if the popup info delay when you go over a tool can be set to be quicker then the delay for menu items.

And, there would need to be a way to enable multiple icons/tabs at the same time, so you can have say the select and transform tools and some addon’s tools at the same time.