T56850: Blender crashes in texture paint window when trying to paint after going back from edit mode

I found T56850 for an easily reproducible crash when I went to report the same issue. Unfortunately it was marked as “Incomplete”, but I don’t understand why, and despite some very detailed debugging and information about the circumstances of the crash there’s been no update or change of status.
I’m hoping someone on the forum can either assist with the debugging or advise how to get it out of “Incomplete” status so that it doesn’t get missed for the Beta.

I feel that with the information I’ve provided, a blender developer should be able to get to the bottom of the issue fairly easily. I’ve even provided a workaround patch.

Perhaps I’ve assumed wrongly that everyone would be able to reproduce this crash? It’s as simple as:

  1. Launch 2.8
  2. Select Texture Paint Workspace
  3. Texture Slots-> + -> Base Color -> OK
  4. Paint 1 stroke on the cube
  5. Tab twice to flick to Edit mode and back to paint mode
  6. Paint another stroke

If anyone can suggest the next course of action to make sure this bug doesn’t get missed, please advise.

I think this one slipped through, most of the developers are busy with many things and so don’t immediately have time to follow up on bugs. When you help out with identifying the problem in the code we really should respond quicker though.

As someone who used to triage quite a bit on the tracker, the status ‘incomplete’ meant (to me, i’m unsure if there’s an official list somewhere) we had questions and we’re waiting on the user to answer, so no need to look at this ticket.

Which is probably why it slipped through the cracks, in the future, put the ticket back on ‘needs triage’ once you answer the questions to bring it back to the attention of the people triaging the tickets.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the user here, we could have totally done better here, but changing the status would have definitely helped.