System Console provides useless information to track down keymap issues


after trying to migrate my keymap to new Blender version, I am getting some errors, however the system console displaying these errors is completely useless:

It prints several identical errors without any identifier regarding which line in the keymap .py file are they related to. It’s impossible to hunt down these issues in 7200 lines of code.

My question is: what is the point of these error messages when they are not helpful in solving the actual issue?

Have you tried running blender from a terminal, rather than as a direct app? That gives far more info, including error lines numbers…


Describing Blender’s methods as “useless” is not the best way to get help, asking if there are better alternatives to what you have tried works well, IMHO.

That is Windows’ equivalent of terminal. There’s nothing else available. Also, I am not calling any “Blender’s methods” as useless, just these messages. Because honestly, what is the point of printing a random error if you don’t designate a source of that error?

Imagine you’d be writing a C++ code for example, and upon compiling, the compiler would just tell you “There’s some error somewhere inside one of your cpp files”.

Just trying to help, oh well, never mind, I only volunteer here…