SVN error when trying to build Blender

I successfully built Blender once before, but after deleting everything and going through the whole process again just to see if I really have it down, I’m now getting svn errors that prevent me from building successfully.

Although I downloaded and installed Tortoise SVN, I don’t know what I’m doing or where to go next in fixing this.


Hello, have you try to execute this command make update ? Your working directory needed to be where your blender source are present -the git repository.

hi, as said in the error message, run svn cleanup in libraries folder:

You can try to delete the folder win64_vc15 to re-download all dependency.

Deleting and then pulling libraries back from the server could be time consuming.
So I would suggest to go with svn cleanup

run make svnfix in the source folder , it should resolve most issues.

How do I do that? I don’t have that option listed in Tortise SVN.

  • go the source folder on the console (cmd.exe)
  • type make svnfix
  • hit enter

I did that, and although it did fix that error, I got this when I tried make update again.

And then after playing around with some Tortise SVN settings, I’m now back to square one somehow even though I only hit the Update button.

That’s a new one to me, what is the output of where svn.exe and svn --version ?

svn.exe is in program files, and the version is 1.14.2

I got nothing, all looks like it should work, best guess there’s some proxy or antivirus interfering with the ssl connection?