Suspicious link on "Building Blender" page on

When following the build guide on:
there are links pointing to sites where you can download the necessary tools. One of them is pointing to CMake. Even Chrome confirms it’s just a pure link to

When I click it however, I arrive at this page:

I have no clue what is, and why it gets redirected to from I have double checked it’s not just me who this is happening to. Also, curiously, when I enter into my Chrome address bar, it brings me to the actual cmake website. So I have absolutely no clue how or why this is happening.

Can anyone confirm?

I’m not seeing a redirect on my part, but I did notice that the link on the wikipage is not using https. Could be that something in your network redirects requests that aren’t using TLS. I’ll update the page to use a https link.

A few moments before I noticed the same issue at my end but it is fixed now.

Yes, it appears that someone has quickly fixed it. Added https in front of the link to specify the protocol.

@LudvikKoutny , nice to here that.

Guess @Robert fixed the problem (:

Kitware develops both cmake and kwiver. This must be some DNS setup issue on their end,

That makes more sense than my guess. Doesn’t hurt to have a https link though.