Support for textures datablocks to contain shading node tree

I have a question about the “New Texture Nodes” GSoC project idea [1].
One of the required features is to add support for texture datablocks to contain a shading node tree. Would it be better if the texture editor were to be removed completely and merged with the shader editor? What would be the best implementation of this?

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The texture and shader node editor share practically all code under the hood, it’s more a question about what is best from a user interface point of view.

I suggest to leave it separate, and then afterwards merging them together can be considered. In terms of getting a correct working implementation it is also simpler to keep them separate to begin with.

This also applies to the ‘everything nodes’ project. You might want to use the same texture nodes to drive both something inside the shaders, and also something that affects the modifiers. It’s not completely clear to me how we would solve this kind of thing in a smart way

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