Suggestion:Expose Ripple, Snap and Scrub in the Select Tool Header of the VSE

There are some build-in VSE functions that work during Transform operations which are far too hidden. Ex. even power users of the VSE do not know about the built-in Ripple function.

The Ripple function is only exposed when in Transform mode as a text in combination with the changing values(inconsistant exposure with the rest of Blender UI):

The Ripple function is a vital editing tool and far too powerfull to hide away, imo:

The Snap function is not exposed anywhere in the VSE(it’s Grab/Move/Transform + Ctrl), since the hotkeys in the statusbar, when the context is VSE, are 3D View hotkeys(bug). In a lot of Blender editors the snap function is already exposed as a header button, so it would be in consistency to expose it in the VSE too.

The Scrub function is also working in the VSE Transform mode and could benefit from better exposure, since it is very useful when you need it, but also quite distracting when you don’t.

Functions like these are toggled often during editing and are therefore typically exposed as buttons in industry standard NLE software. Which is why the patch exposes them as buttons in the tool header - it could be in the Sequencer header instead(properly better)?